How to write content that sells.

“There is no secret to becoming great or doing great work. You simply do little things in a great way”.

Have you ever wished there was a simple formula that would give you the power to create incredible and engaging content that your readers absolutely love every single time?

Great content often gets ignored if it doesn’t meet ALL 3 of these criteria:

  1. Informative
  2. Entertaining
  3. Relatable/Personal

If you study some of the facts on human attention spans, how much people read, and what turns readers away, you can really learn a lot:

Attention Span Statistics Dataive
The average attention span in 2012 8 seconds
The average attention span in 2000 12 seconds
The average attention span of a gold fish 9 seconds
Average number of times per hour a person checks their inbox 30
Average length watched of a single internet video 2.7 minutes
Internet Browsing Statistics (Taken from 59,573 page views)
Percent of page views that last less than 4 seconds 17 %
Percent of page views that lasted more than 10 minutes 4 %
Percent of words read on web pages with 111 words or less 49 %
Percent of words read on an average (593 words) web page 28 %
Users spend 4.4 seconds more for each additional 100 words 4.4 seconds

I notice myself, that when I visit a website, if I notice that if someone writes a long, drawn-out post that doesn’t immediately get to what I’m looking for (ex: has a huge hypey intro, fluff, etc.) I quickly lose interest–and so do most of your readers according to statistics.

Don’t draw your content out with fluff, hype, and sensationalism. Just give your readers what they’re looking for.

The same applies with a video; if it’s 30 minutes, I just want to learn one piece of information, and the video has a huge intro with a person talking all about themselves, their company, their history, etc., instead of getting right to the meat of the topic, it kills the experience, and I often leave and go somewhere else.

So how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Here are a few ways:

  1. Keep your video content between 2:00-3:00
  2. Keep your content between 600-800 words
  3. Be concise and say only what needs to be said.

Remember that these aren’t hard and fast rulesuse your judgement.

How To Structure Content

Websites just aren’t about content; they’re about creating a memorable EXPERIENCE that informs, educates, and entertains your readers.

You know titles are important, but so is the intro to your content; you want to promise readers something that gets results, and will give them, in their lives, whatever they’re looking for

The best way I’ve discovered to do this is with a quote; it hits the emotional side of their brain (entertainment/connection), while also letting them know the topic is focused on what they’re looking for (logical/informational).

Second, go into a video to personalize/connect with your readers, and also introduce the topic and entertain emotional/visual learners.

Note: don’t draw out points to long in your videos or content. People’s attention spans, on average, are getting shorter, and you want to make sure you’re constantly flowing from topic to topic.

Great Content Educates And Entertains

We like to learnbut FUN and be ENTERTAINMENT are what hold our attention while we learn.

This formula of keeping things straightforward is also good because it forces you to be concise, and get straight to the point (following these rules is a good exercise to get in the practice of being straightforward and direct).

To something with a lot of content, while also staying focused, start with stating the goal of the post in one sentence (ex: How To Write Content That Commands Attention), then choose two or three main points, and two or three sub-points, and keep focused on those.

Then to end the post, re-state the main point with different wording (remember people’s attention spans are getting shorter), the second general idea (focus on keep all mediums available to create a fully engaging learning experience), and the third idea  (when writing make sure to keep your posts short and sweet).

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