What makes one product sell for $15, and a similar product sell for $100?

Where is the "value" in your product that makes it worth more money than others?

Above are two Oxycontin pills…
The pill on the left is worth approximately $15, while the right is worth over $100... what would you say to persuade a person to pay $20 for one & $100 for the other?
What part of these pills gives them their value?
They are both little tablets filled with substances and chemicals I’m not sure of, and they're just little tablets most of us would just hold in our hand and stare at.
So, why is one worth $15, while the other is worth $100 - what gives these pills their "monetary value"?
What are you offering that makes someone want one so much more than the other?
The secret sauce of marketing.
The question is, why will people pay so much for one pill, and want nothing to do with the other?
Why do we spend so much more money on one thing than another?
They look similar, are about the same size, are both made of various chemicals, and from a physical perspective aren’t all that different to a discerning eye.
So, why is the first pill 300 times more valuable than the second?
The answer is PLEASURE.
But when you're marketing, you're not selling pleasure - you're selling perceived pleasure.
If your customer thinks the 20mg pill is a 100mg pill, they will pay the 100mg price on the perceived idea of how much pleasure they'll get from it.
You're crafting an image, then asking for money in exchange for that perceived plesaure..
Persuasion is pleasure.
The pill on the right brings immense pleasure, and relief from pain, while the pill on the left does next-to-nothing.
The point is it’s what the pill does for YOU that makes it valuable.
Money is only valuable to us because it gives us value.
As humans we are value-seeking machines.
If you couldn’t get things with money, you wouldn’t even look at it, have no interest in getting it, and would simply ignore it, because it has no value for you.
An on-looker won’t see your product as valuable unless they understand the value in it.
A $1 and $100 bill are exactly the same physically – the only thing different on them is the images printed on the paper.
Yet, one can completely change your life, while the other does very little.
How much is your product worth?
I say this because many marketers market their product as a $1 bill, when they could be marketing the same product as a $100 bill, and make hundreds of times what they’re making now selling the exact same thing.
Are you selling a “weight loss system” or “a body that you fall in love with every time you look in the mirror?”
How to sell something
There are 3 key steps to selling any product to anyone, and the better you master these steps, the more you’ll crush your competition, and the more successful you’ll become.
Here they are…
1. Find your focus. If you’re selling a weight loss product, how do you stand out? Figure out what your customer wants. This means get SPECIFIC. If your competition are all selling “weight loss”, while you’re selling “how to get healthy and have any woman you want by your side”. Your goal is to catch their eye with a pleasure-based
2. Sell your story. Once you find your focus, your next step is to sell the story. This means, if your customer’s fantasy is to have every woman he meets attracted to him, you’re selling that vision. Another vision they have may be feeling so amazing they can run 5 miles every morning and still have energy left to burn. Find their fantasy and make an eye-catching offer, where having your knowledge in their head is the ONLY thing making them miserable, to the point where they can’t help but buy your product.
3. Follow the formula. There is always a set of step-by-step instructions for putting everything together, and online marketing is no exception. If you want your product to sell, and if it isn’t, it’s because you’re not following the formula.
Once you know how to sell pleasure, all the money in the world is yours, and you’ll never need any outside help ever again.
But how do you get to this point?
By learning from someone who has already figured out the formula for you, and can hand you a perfect step-by-step formula for success, so you don’t waste years of your life taking a bunch of wrong turns, and missing out on incredible experiences.
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